NEPP Application - Indiana

Indiana New Educator Preparation Program Application 2020 - 2021

The NEI NEPP is a comprehensive, multi-faceted new teacher experience, designed to deliver the participant pedagogy and opportunity to collaborate and learn from teachers in the same or related areas.The experience is designed to pair research on effective learning environments for students connected to classroom design

Coursework is delivered through online courses that are delivered asynchronously, but which are taken by the new educator during a specific time. Each course will be delivered through an online format by a module instructor. New educators will work through courses based on student-centered learning and effective learning environments. Each course will outline strategies for the new educator to carry out in the classroom under the direction of their supervising teacher or teacher mentor for that specific area. Modeling and observations of other teachers who are masterful in each area will be used as needed to grow the practice of the new educator.

Candidates, please indicate your path to entry.

Note: A College Transcript is required prior to an acceptance letter being issued.

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