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NEI is solving problems in education by rethinking solutions

Noble Education Initiative solves problems by rethinking solutions. It is a concept that seems simple, but is difficult in practice. NEI’s main concern is the nationwide shortage of teachers creating a gap of quality in education. NEI seeks to solve that glaring problem with a variety of professional and teacher development programs to bring new, qualified teachers into the educational force, while keeping education institutions functioning optimally with complete school management solutions.

Professional Development

NEI was founded to tackle problems plaguing education. We address the teacher shortage and lack of quality educators by providing students with effective, forward-thinking classroom leaders. Our 2-year program can prepare a 4-year non-education degree holder to enter a classroom and own that classroom by delivering top-notch, engaging education.

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School Management & Operations

Noble Education Initiative does not only prepare the educators of tomorrow, but manages the education of today. NEI handles day-to-day operation of individual schools or entire school districts, including all aspects of education, teacher & administrator evaluation, financials, operations, and state results reporting.

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Instructional Design

Full integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and supports for closing the achievement gap for students form the basis of our curriculum development and instructional design. We offer a complete suite of services to help individual schools and entire school districts turn around underperforming schools and creating an efficiently-functioning student-teacher-administrator ecosystem.

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New Educator Prep Program

NEI assesses academic and operational aspects of individual schools or entire school districts by targeting specific outcomes, identifying the appropriate tools for measuring the outcomes, and then working with teachers, administrators and leaders to develop and implement a new plan to ensure the set results are being achieved. Creating consistent systems is a key to consistent educational results.

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Grant Services

NEI provides leadership and direction for programs funded by federal, state, and private funds, including planning and implementation grant programs from application to approval, to utilization. NEI oversees & manages the financial administration of federal, state, and private grants by managing the budget development process to provide fund-based accounting and planning, programming, and justification. NEI can also assist with grant writing, writing letters of inquiry, respond to RFP’s, and developing grant proposals for private foundations and government grants, while making sure all grant work is aligned with core values.

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