Teacher Certification Exam Prep

About Our Teacher Certification Exam Prep Program

NEI is excited to announce a partnership with 240 Tutoring, a nationally accredited online exam preparation program. 240 Tutoring provides test prep materials for all FETC exams and over 50,000 educators have used 240 Tutoring to pass state required exams since 2017!

Do you need help with teacher certification exam prep? If so, sign up through NEI to access ALL of 240 Tutoring program materials for the discounted rate of $20.00 per month (that’s a $19.99/mos. savings).

What does 240 Tutoring offer?

Instructional Content:

A digital textbook that includes embedded concept videos.


Multiple choice quizzes with immediate feedback on the incorrect and correct answers.


Test understanding of key vocabulary, dates, theories, and more.

Diagnostic Test:

Benchmark understanding of concepts & topics with this timed, multiple choice test.

Practice Test:

Once all materials in a study guide are completed, the practice test becomes available. This Practice Test mocks the actual exam in time and length.